Outside The Perimeter

"Yeah, I really love my commute.  It's a great way to blow off steam after a hard day at the office.  It's soooo peaceful, coasting along Peachtree Parkway...."
- Sean, Duluth

"I love living up in the mountains of North Georgia.  It's well worth the two-hour commute to have a 4-acre lot.  And my place is only a mile from the new Super Wal-Mart and the Applebees.  It's all so convenient, I'm in Heaven!"

- Kim, Dahlonega
Are you OTP?

In Atlanta, we love our cars, and we love to commute.  We move further out into the burbs every day, seeking the American Dream. 

Because of the hassle of Atlanta traffic, we identify ourselves by our relationship to our most-hated road – Interstate 285.  Take a sampling of Atlanta residents, and they’ll often say, “I live Outside The Perimeter”, or more often, “I’m OTP”.  It’s a reflection of our lifestyle to make fun of Atlanta traffic.

We have captured the self-deprecating “inside joke” of Atlanta traffic, in the form of a bumper sticker.  Now, you can bask in your status as you roll down 400 in your SUV, and let others know that you live OTP.

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